Cupcakes and Beyond

Cupcakes and Beyond! Cupcakes can be created into many different designs beyond the basic cupcake. They can be of many different styles and shapes. You can turn each cupcake into something new as well as put a bunch together to make one big picture.

The Basic Cupcake

Cupcakes typically have swirled frosting on the top. This can be done with numerous frostings. Some of the most popular frostings are buttercream, meringue or cream cheese buttercream. This swirl is done with one of the following piping tips.

Here is an example of how it’s done.


Colorful Swirls

Cupcakes can be very simple, but look playful and fun with the use of bright colors.


Swirling three bright colors at once make the cupcakes look even more professional when really the process of doing this is quite simple.

This is done with the Wilton color swirl tool. Three couplers attach together to make one bigger coupler with the piping tip on top.

Sprinkles and Flowers

Sprinkle, flowers, and many other things can be added on top of these swirls.

Characters Cupcakes

Cupcakes can be made to look like people, animals or even creatures like monsters. These types of cupcakes are amusing and great for kid’s birthday parties.

An Anything Cupcake

Cupcakes can be turned into random things such as popcorn or basketballs with crowns. Firstly, these types of cupcakes can be great for any events. Secondly, they can cause a smile or even add humor to a party.

Pull Away Cupcake Cakes

These happen to be my favorite way to decorate cupcakes. You can place cupcakes together to form one big picture that looks like a full cake but it really is made out of individual cupcakes.

Many people want huge extravagant cakes, but cupcakes are a great alternative instead. There isn’t any need to try to cut cake without having it crumble or break. Cupcakes are an underestimated dessert and can actually look better than full cakes.

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