The Greats

The Greatest Bakers

There are some great bakers out there that do amazing work and create some of the greatest cakes in history. Many of them have inspired me as a baker and have given me ideas. These inspirational bakers include…

Buddy Valastro

Buddy is famous for his popular show “Cake Boss” on TLC. He has created massive cakes, simple cakes, cakes that turn, cake that light up, and many more. His business started off as one bake shop in Hoboken New Jersey in 1910 founded by Carlo Guastaferro. Now the business is currently owned by Buddy himself. With the help of his family and talent, Buddy is able to expand his business and create the cakes of your dreams.

Duff Goldman

You may recognize Duff from one of his TV shows. He hosted many shows such as Ace of Cakes, Duff till Dawn, Cakes Masters, and where I learned of him, the Baking Championships. There was the Holiday Baking Championship, the Spring Baking Championship, and the Kids Baking Championship where Duff was a host and judge of many different deserts made by the contestants. He has his own fun baking shows and has his own baking supply line. Visit his website for more information.

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart can bake anything let me tell you. If you need a recipe for a cake flavor, a filling, a ganache, a frosting, or anything else you could possibly need, she is the one to go to. Almost anything you are looking for, her website has it. I have attempted some of her recipes myself and I don’t have a single complaint about any of them. Martha Stewart’s videos and written recipe descriptions provide many ideas and excellent outcomes. I highly recommend visiting them.

There are so many more great bakers out there and you can become one of them too. Start now bakers. Learn to be one of the Greats.

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