Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Baking isn’t easy so it’s important to know all the little tips and tricks that could easily make your cake something truly enjoyable. No one wants a boring, bland, and dry cake. To ensure that doesn’t happen here are a few things that will help.

Leveling the Cake:

A cake that is level and clean is more appealing than a lopsided one. It also looks more professional. Different bakers use different methods of leveling their cakes.

Personally, I use the Wilton leveling saw.

Others may use a wire leveler or even a knife/spatula.

One way to level each layer of cake is to line up the knife with the pan will the cake is still in the pan. This will make sure your cut is clean and straight, but depending on how much your cake rose, you may cut off more than you would like.

Another way is to pick the height of the cake and cut with the wire or saw tool. This allows for a straight cut and the wanted height.

Keeping the Cake Fluffy:

One simple way to make sure your cake is fluffy is to beat your eggs separately then fold them into the batter rather than beating the ingredients all together. You can also opt to using just the egg whites instead of the whole eggs as the whites tend to be lighter and less dense than the yolk.

You want to make sure you beat the eggs until light and fluffy. Once, stiff peaks form the eggs are done. You do not want to over mix for the chance of curdling or over mixing.

Keeping the Cake Moist:

There is nothing worse than a dry cake. Here is a simple syrup recipe that is quick and easy that will ensure your cake is moist and not dry.

  1. Add sugar and water together at equal ratios (Ex. 1 cup water+1 cup sugar)
  2. Mix well
  3. Apply mixture to cake layer(can be done with pasting brush, spray bottle, spoon, ex)

Another way to keep your cake is to trap the steam that comes off of the cake when it’s done baking. This can be done simply by putting tin foil or plastic wrap over the warm pan with cake still in it. Be sure to let the cake cool for a few minutes before doing so as it can be very hot.

How to Replenish Hardened Fondant:

Fondant and gum paste tend to harden up due to the exposure to air. Sometimes if the fondant isn’t rock solid you can stick it in the microwave for a few seconds to soften it up.

Piping bag grip:

Finding the right grip for you whiling piping is key. When piping it is easier to make clean pretty designs using a grip that is comfortable for you. I usually have my right hand on top doing most of the work to squeeze the icing out of the piping bag and my left hand near the end to steady the tip while piping.

I hope these tips were helpful. Comment below any questions, recommendations, or ideas. Stay tuned for the next blog soon to come. Have fun baking!

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